Attitudes of students of the University of Split towards asylum seekers as a realistic and a symbolic threat in the context of risk society / Vlaho Kovačević, Krunoslav Malenica, Igor Jelaska.

The aim of this research was to analyze the attitudes of the student population at the University of Split towards asylum seekers as a multidimensional threat to the community in the context of risk society. We have approached the empirical data collection within a multidimensional theoretical framework. The first part of our subject interest is the theoretical direction of reflexive modernity and risk society proposed by Ulrich Beck, while the second part deals with the theoretical explanations regarding the perception of asylum seekers as a threat. In accordance with the research objective, a stratified sample of 286 Croatian students from the University of Split expressed their attitudes toward asylum seekers using a scale. Reliability of the used questionnaire was assessed by using test and retest method. Results indicate that students perceived asylum seekers as a statistically significantly more realistic than a symbolic threat. The respondents thus recognize one, equally important yet diffuse phenomenon showing interest among the respondents for the rational choice but also for respecting the individual’s subjectivity.; Cilj ovog istraživanja bilo je analiziranje stavova studentske populacije Sveučilišta u Splitu prema tražiteljima azila kao višedimenzionalnoj prijetnji zajednici u kontekstu društva rizika. Pristupili smo empirijskom prikupljanju podataka unutar višedimenzionalnog teorijskog okvira. Prvi dio našeg interesa tema je teorijskog smjera refleksivne modernosti i društva rizika Ulricha Becka, dok se drugi bavi teorijskim objašnjenjima percepcije tražitelja azila kao prijetnje.