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Naslov portalaDigitalne zbirke NSK
16.599 (41-50)
NaslovA. Adam: Giselle : Slovensko narodno gledališče v Ljubljani / [dizajn Boris] Bućan.
ImpresumLjubljana : Slovensko narodno gledališče, 1992. ([Zagreb] : Studio S)
Materijalni opis1 plakat (6 dijelova) : sitotisak u boji ; 197 x 191 cm, svaki dio 66 x 96 cm.
NaslovA balanced scorecard for assessing a strategic plan in a clinical laboratory / Luisa Alvarez, Anna Soler, Leonor Guiñón, Aurea Mira.
Materijalni opisGraf. prikazi.
Način izrade datotekeizvorno digitalna građa
OpisThe Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a tool for strategic management that is used in many companies and organizations worldwide, both in the publicand private sector. With this purpose it has also been used in healthcare organizations and institutions but there are not many studies on the implementation of BSC methodology in the day-to-day clinical laboratory. This review shows the strategy for the development of a BSC, which includes theoretical perspective objectives, as well as some indicators and goals with which the monitoring and quantitative measurement of the achievements of a strategic plan in a clinical laboratory can be done. Moreover, the results of the indicators allow the prioritization of the initiatives to be implemented each year.The methodology for the development of the proposed BSC includes the following steps: definition of theoretical objectives of each of the perspectives most used in the management of a clinical laboratory (customers, financial, internal processes and learning) taking into account the vision and the organizational model of the laboratory; creation of a strategic map of perspective objectives; definition of the relevant indicators to follow up on the objectives in a quantitative manner and establishment of the goals. Whether or not the laboratory is a reference laboratory, in which specific and infrequent analysis and health population programs are performed, is another fact to take into account. In this review a BSC for a reference clinical laboratory of the Spanish public sector is shown.
NaslovABAS-3 : an instrument for assessing adaptive skills in people with an intellectual disability / Anna Prokopiak, Janusz Kirenko.
Način izrade datotekeizvorno digitalna građa
OpisIn its initial part, the article presents an analysis of the definition of intellectual disability and follows its development over the past half century. In order to diagnose an intellectual disability, it is important not only to demonstrate an overall level of intelligence that is at least two standard deviations below the median score, but also to take into account the concurrent criterion of developmental age. Moreover, as discussed in this article, defining an intellectual disability also requires addressing limitations in adaptive behaviour, i.e. cognitive, social and practical functioning skills. These diagnostic criteria are met by the “Adaptive Behavior Assessment System” (ABAS), published originally in 2000 by Harrison and Oakland. Its third edition came out in 2015. ABAS-based evaluations find a wide variety of uses, including assessing adaptive behaviour of people with intellectual disabilities, diagnosing and classifying disabilities and disorders, documenting and monitoring progress over time, and determining entitlement to disability benefits. The instrument has many strengths, but it also exhibits limitations. For example, comprehensive examination is only possible if the localised adaptations of ABAS are suited for people in the age bracket of 0-89 years. The effective use of this instrument is also dependent on its compatibility with the formal disability assessment system and with the strategies for working with students who have intellectual disabilities. The level of this compatibility should be no less than the American variant. Only then will ABAS-3 be fully adaptable to the purpose for which the assessment is developed, and the results obtained will be useful and properly applied.
NaslovAbbazia ; Lovrana / G. Brunoro
ImpresumAbbazia : Tomašić & Co., [19--.].
Materijalni opis[16] listova s tablama u bojama ; 19 x 22 cm.
Vrsta publikacijeknjiga (1835. - 1940.)knjiga
NaslovAbbildung deß Herrlichen Siegs, so die Christliche Armee erhalten wieder den Erb Feind bey Salankement 1691 / [Matthaeus Merian].
NaslovAbdominal surgery / edited by Fethi Derbel
ImpresumRijeka : InTech, 2012.
Materijalni opis168 str.
Vrsta publikacijeknjigae-knjiga
NaslovAbeceda astronomije / autori João Retrê ... [et al.] ; prijevod Mirta Jambrović.
ImpresumDonji Hruševec : Vs creative, 2020.
Materijalni opis1 online jedinica građe ( MB).
Vrsta publikacijee-knjigaknjiga
NaslovAbend Erinnerung / [Ljubo Babić].
Materijalni opis1 crtež : akvarel, tinta, olovka, pero ; 468 x 350 mm.
OpisPrikaz pozornice sa pejzažnim prizorom visoke trave i neba u pozadini.
Materijalni opis1 crtež : tempera ; 91 x 132 mm.
NaslovAber, Mosje Chrisostumus / And. [Andreas] Geiger ; [prema Johannu Christianu Schoelleru].
Impresum[Beč : Adolf Bäuerle, 1839.].
Materijalni opis1 grafika : kolorirani bakrorez, bakropis ; 206 x 275 mm.
16.599 (41-50)