Influence of chitosan edible coating on postharvest qualities of Capsicum annum L. during storage in evaporative cooling system / Charles Oluwaseun Adetunji, John Olusegun Ojediran, Juliana Bunmi Adetunji, Stephen Olumuyiwa Owa.

Chitosan is a biopolymer edible coating which can act as physical barrierwhen coated on fruits and efficiently alter their internal atmosphere and delay the ripening process. This study evaluates the usage of chitosan (CH) as edible coating to extend the shelf life of green bell pepper. Physiochemical and microbial analysis of the green bell pepper was conducted during evaporative coolant structure storage (ECS). The effect of chitosan coating on green bell pepper significantly delayed a loss in firmness, weight loss, and vitamin C content and inhibited the growth of heterotrophic bacteria, mesophilic bacteria, yeast and mould during the five weeks of storage. On the whole, this study established that edible coating from chitosan could form a natural and permanent replacement to the chemically preservatives used for postharvest management of green bell pepper.